Branding Guidelines

Official City Logos

Goldsboro NC LogoThe Goldsboro, N.C. logo is the city’s primary official logo and is the one that should be used in most instances. Please note that the official logo is the version that includes “North Carolina” underneath the “Be More Do More Seymour” tagline. Previous versions of the logo that do not include “North Carolina” should not be used. 

Our graphic standards manual provides additional guidance on the proper use of the Goldsboro, N.C. logo. If you have any questions regarding the use of the logo, please contact LaToya Henry, public information officer, at 580-4363 or   

City of Goldsboro Seal

The City of Goldsboro seal should be reserved for official city documents such as bills, mayoral proclamations and legal documents. All other communications and marketing items — including flyers/brochures, uniforms, and promotional materials — should include the City of Goldsboro, N.C. logo or appropriate departmental logo.

Please contact LaToya Henry if you need help determining if the use of the seal is appropriate for the project you are working on. 


City of Goldsboro Colors

City Blue


RGB: 41, 153, 252

CMYK: 84, 40, 1, 0

HEX: #2999fc

Dark City Green


RGB: 100, 178, 69

CMYK: 44, 0, 61, 30

HEX: #64b245

Light City Green

Light Green

RGB: 180, 239, 146

CMYK: 25, 0, 39, 6

HEX: #b4ef92


Email Signature

All City of Goldsboro email signatures should follow the format below. Please do not add other verbiage (taglines, quotes, etc.) to your email signature. The IT Department will automatically add the city logo and the email disclaimer to all emails. 

Your Name
Your Title
City of Goldsboro
P 919- 580-4363
F 919- 580-4344

Font: Century

Your Name: Font size 12

All other verbiage: Font size 10

Color: Dark Blue, Text 2

After you type the city website, hit Enter ONE time for the correct placement of the city logo and disclaimer. (The IT Department will add this automatically).




City PowerPoint template

Letterhead – No Address

Letterhead – Address

Monthly Report Template


Business Cards

All business cards should be printed through AccuCopy using the template on file. Please do not make any additions to the standard template.