The Planning Department is responsible for planning the orderly growth and development of the City and its one-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction, including the administration of the City’s transportation planning process. The department is responsible for administering and updating the City’s Unified Development Ordinance (Zoning Code) and provides staff assistance to a number of various boards and commissions (see below).

Boards and Commissions

ATTENTION: The Planning Department has moved to a 60 day submittal schedule for all Site Plans and Major Subdivisions. Refer to the below Site Plan & Major Subdivision schedule for current submittal dates listed in the white rows.

The Planning Commission will hold their meetings the last Monday of each month at 6:00pm in the Council Chambers located in Historic City Hall, 214 N. Center Street.

  • Rezoning Requests
  • Variances
  • Street & Alley Closings

For further questions contact Rachael Smith via email or phone at 919-580-4313

Historic Commission will hold their meeting on the first Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers located in Historic City Hall, 214 N. Center Street (Unless otherwise advertised).

  • Certificates of Appropriateness

For further questions contact Rachael Smith via email or phone at 919-580-4313

TCC/TAC will meets quarterly, call for details

  • Issues Related to Transportation

For further questions contact Austin Brinkley via email or phone at 919-580-4345

Meet our Staff

Planning Administrative Assistant
Rachael Smith – 919-580-4313

Planning Director
Kenneth Talton – 919-580-4335

Assistant Planning Director
Austin Brinkley – 919-580-4345

Eric Sanchez– 919-580-4387


For general questions regarding Planning needs, please reach out to the Administrative Assistant first so that you can be directed to the person that can best answer your question in a timely manner.