Public Information Office

The Public Information Officer is responsible for the communication efforts of the City of Goldsboro and works toward building and maintaining a system of providing accurate, consistent and timely information sharing with the public. The Public Information Officer is responsible for managing the overall communications program for the City’s government offices, both internally for employees and externally for the citizens of the community. The Public Information Officer is responsible for the release of public information to ensure that city residents are well-informed of the services, news, events, accomplishments and initiatives of the City of Goldsboro.

Information is made available through various communication resources, including news releases, the City’s website, social media (Facebook, InstagramTwitter, YouTube), and the government channel WGTV10 (channel 10 for Spectrum subscribers) as well as various other City publications. All official news releases are distributed from this office, except for routine releases from the departments of Police, Fire, Paramount Theatre and Parks and Recreation.




An extraordinary, diverse experience.


The City provides services, promotes equality, and protects the well-being of all residents and visitors to enhance our quality of life everyday.




We work with the guiding belief that competence, resourcefulness, and courtesy will exceed expectations.


We act honestly, morally, ethically and reliably to serve and represent our community. 


We listen to resolve issues, respond timely and ensure citizens’ satisfaction first. 



Safe and Secure Community

Strong and Diverse Economy

Exceptional Quality of Life

Racial and Cultural Harmony

Model for Excellence in Government



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