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Manager’s Office

All city operations are managed through the City Manager’s Office; The City Manager’s Office, considered a city department for administrative & budget purposes, includes the City Manager, an Assistant City Manager, City Clerk, and Deputy Clerk.

Interim City Manager

The Assistant City Manager serves as a member of the City’s leadership team, working together with the City Manager and City Council on the strategic direction of the City. The Assistant City Manager helps to coordinate the day-to-day operations of the Office of the City Manager, develop and implement policies, programs and legislation to achieve Council goals and helps develop and implement strategic initiatives related to the overall organizational effectiveness of the City.

Randy Guthrie

City Clerk

Melissa Capps

The City Clerk’s primary responsibility is to maintain permanent records of the City of Goldsboro including all minutes of the City Council, ordinances and resolutions adopted by Council and contracts.The Clerk attends Council meetings, transcribes minutes and prepares them for permanent record, as well as providing administrative support to the Mayor, City Council, City Manager and Assistant City Manager. In addition, the Clerk is responsible for giving proper notice of Council meetings, assisting with agenda preparation, certifying documents and codifying the City Code.The Deputy Clerk has the authority to exercise and perform powers and duties of the City Clerk in the City Clerk’s absence.

Deputy Clerk- Laura Getz

Public Information Officer

Melissa Corser

Goldsboro Government

The City of Goldsboro adopted the Council-Manager form of government in 1917. The governing body consists of six Councilmembers and the Mayor

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