ATTENTION CONTRACTORS: The online permitting process is now available for applying for new permits and scheduling inspections.  All contractors will need to re-register with your username being the same email address you used in the previous system. We hope you will find our new website user friendly and please give us a call if we can be of assistance.

The Inspections Department enforces the NC State Building Codes for building, electrial, plumbing, mechanical, fire, minimum housing, handicap accessibility, and the energy code. This department is also responsible for the issuance of all new ABC license permits, business registrations, itinerant merchant permits and peddler permits. The Inspections Department is the first line of public safety and our goal is to follow building codes to ensure safe dwellings and commercial properties. We also help with the development enhancement process of Goldsboro, and provide extraordinary customer service for the public-at-large to meet the needs of the developing community and support the continual growth of Goldsboro.

Inspectors’ Office Hours:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 9:00 am & 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
*From 9am – 4pm the Inspectors are out of the office doing on-site inspections.


Effective July 1, 2016 – All businesses that operate within the city limits of Goldsboro must have a Business Registration Certificate. Click the documents below for more information or call 919-739-7493.


All contractors are required to have an active Business Registration on file before applying for online permits. For more information call 919-580-4385.

Abc App55.7 KiBpdf
Amndmts Electrical Code107.0 KiBpdf
Asbestos53.3 KiBpdf
Automated System Directions27.9 KiBpdf
Building Permit Checklist23.7 KiBpdf
Business Registration Information Line66.4 KiBpdf
Business Checklist237.4 KiBpdf
Business Inspection Request108.8 KiBpdf
BusRegApp100.4 KiBpdf
Business Registration272.5 KiBpdf
Business Registration Letter to Businesses107.6 KiBpdf
Comm Bldg Permit App166.4 KiBpdf
Demolition Permit Application223.8 KiBpdf
Electrical Permit App8.2 KiBpdf
Fee-schedule20.4 KiBpdf
Fire Permit Application10.5 KiBpdf
Grease Trap Fact Sheet597.9 KiBpdf
Handicap Accessibility Details2.9 MiBpdf
Handicap Bathroom Requirements313.4 KiBpdf
Handicap Ramp Permit App10.7 KiBpdf
Handicap Ramp Require6.9 MiBpdf
Handicap Sign Require11.7 MiBpdf
How To Mobile Home Park10.1 MiBpdf
Inspect Schedule Resident Bldg Permits12.4 MiBpdf
Insulation Permit32.8 KiBpdf
Interior Demolition Permit Application83.7 KiBpdf
Irrigation Permit Application And Letter805.5 KiBpdf
Manufactured Homes244.5 KiBpdf
Mechanical Permit Application51.7 KiBpdf
Mobile Home Park Setup App16.4 KiBpdf
Mobile Home Private Lot Permit16.7 KiBpdf
Peddlers Itinerant App22.0 KiBpdf
Plumbing Permit App8.9 KiBpdf
Premise Number Memo9.9 KiBpdf
Residential Plan Requirements416.3 KiBpdf
ResRequirementEnergyEffCert321.4 KiBpdf
Residential Building Permit Application149.7 KiBpdf
Safe Access Guidelines569.5 KiBpdf
Sign Permit10.6 KiBpdf
Site Work Requirements8.7 KiBpdf
Site And Subdivision Review Process Brochure74.2 KiBpdf
Special Inspections572.0 KiBpdf
Swimming Pool App238.6 KiBpdf
Tank Permit25.0 KiBpdf
Temp Power Ap1.2 MiBpdf
Tents Canopies472.4 KiBpdf
Tent Permit30.0 KiBpdf
Wood Decks258.6 KiBpdf

Meet our Staff

Mechanical Inspector

Ray Fields – 919-580-4321

Electrical Inspector

Sam Taylor – 919-580-4320

Plumbing Inspector

Jason Baker – 919-580-4347

Administrative Assistant

Lynn Measley – 919-580-4385

Permit Technician

Shanita Coor – 919-580-4389

Plans Examiner

Cindy Motsko – 919-580-4298

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