Leaves on Ground, Pink Tree
Pink tree with no leaves

Mulch those leaves and Grass Clippings!

How would you like to never have to rake leaves or grass clippings again? Would you like to help make your lawn healthier and greener with less fertilizer? How about helping the environment and the community? You can do all this and more by simply mulching your leaves and grass clippings instead of bagging or raking them. Most brands of lawn mowers have mulching attachments and special mulching blades available to help eliminate raking and bagging. Think of the time you could save if you didn’t have to rake and re-rake after a strong wind has scattered your neatly piled leaves!

How does mulching work?

The special mulching blade lifts the leaves or grass clippings into the mower deck, where the mulching attachment contains them. Instead of being exhausted onto your lawn to be raked, the special blade pulverizes them into virtually invisible particles which quickly decompose.

How does mulching help my lawn?

Mulched leaves and grass clippings decompose quicker than entire leaves and clippings. This decomposition process allows nutrients needed by lawn grasses to more quickly return to the soil for use by your lawn. Also, mulched grass clippings contain moisture that is also returned to the soil, lessening the amount of water needed for irrigation.

Do mulching mowers work well with pine straw?

Mulching mowers may handle light coverings of pine straw, but results may be less than satisfactory if you have a thick covering. Heavy layers of pine straw can be raked and used as an attractive mulch for trees and plant beds.

How can mulching benefit the community?

Citizens who use mulching mowers will have much fewer leaves and grass clippings for the City to collect and dispose of. This will result in decreases in fuel and manpower costs.