The Cemetery Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of two City owned perpetual care cemeteries, Elmwood, which is 23 acres, and Willowdale, which is 37 acres.

Services provided by this division include the opening and closing of graves, administration of the sales of burial lots to citizens and the coordination of funeral and burial services with local funeral homes.

Contact the Cemetery Superintendent with regards to maintenance issues, sales of burial lots, coordinating with funeral homes for funerals and burial services.

The Cemetery Superintendent and staff may be reached at (919) 735- 1065 or via email Cemetery@goldsboronc.gov

  City Resident Non City Resident
Single Full grave plot $750 $1,500
Open & Closing
Open & Closing
Youth (Up to 12-yrs)
Open & Closing
Infant (Birth to 1-yr)
$ 700
Open & Close
(Cremation Grave)
Weekend & Holiday Additional $200
After-Hour Surcharge $50 per hour

Currently all plots are sold out.

Elmwood Cemetery

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Willowdale Cemetery

Map of Grounds
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