Employee Performance Awards Program

The City of Goldsboro Employee Performance Awards Program will consist of quarterly and annual awards for the best Employee and best Supervisor performance for the fiscal quarter and fiscal year (six (6) total awards).  This program is designed to motivate and recognize outstanding performance of service to our citizens during and after normal work hours.

The evaluation shall focus on exceptional job related outputs and/or accomplishments in one or more of the following city values:

  1. Professionalism – Demonstrated performance, competence, resourcefulness and courtesy.
  2. Integrity – Acting honestly, morally, ethically and reliably to serve and represent of community.
  3. Customer-Focus – Responding in a timely manner and ensuring all aspects of the City service put citizen’s satisfaction first.
  4. Other – Major professional achievements

The Employee Performance awards is to recognize employees for going above their daily job responsibilities such as:

  • Doing an extraordinary service to help another person (co-worker or customer, internal or external)
  • Outstanding effort and achievement on a specific project; performance which impacts project status or goal attainment
  • Customer satisfaction with or responsiveness to getting complaints or inquiries resolved in a timely manner
  • Delivery or improvement in Customer Service
  • Innovation resulting in cost savings or greater operational efficiency
  • Performance which impacts project status or goal attainment
  • Special department/division achievement
  • Moderate, significant or exceptional improvement to the quality of services provided
  • Development of management or operational programs that may be applied in department and/or divisions other than the one in which the employee works
  • Educational achievement for completion of courses of study or certification(s) of standard or significant complexity

There will be two categories for nominations to include any full or part time city employee; (1) Employee, (2) Supervisor (grade 72 and above).  Department Heads and Deputy Directors will be excluded from receiving the reward. The Employee and Supervisor of the Year will be chosen from the four (4) Quarterly winners for each category.

Both categories will be voted upon by a committee of five (5) employees from rotating departments.  The committee for employee nominees will be comprised of supervisors; the committee for supervisor nominees will comprise of Department Heads or Deputy Directors.  Only one nominee can win per quarter and that will be determined by majority vote.

Nominations may be electronically submitted at this link by any employee or citizen by 5pm on the following dates:

September 30
December 31
March 31
June 30

The Employee of the Quarter and Supervisor of the Quarter will be presented with a $500 check and a certificate at the second council meeting of the following month.  Their names will be published and posted in appropriate forums until the next winner is announced.