On March 19, 2007, a proclamation was made that the City of Goldsboro join a growing number of cities across the nation in a partnership to build inclusive communities through committed efforts to increase citizen participation and engagement, while promoting opportunity and fairness.

The Partnership for Working Toward Inclusive Communities, an effort led by the National League of Cities (NLC), unites city leaders who are working to support such issues as racial justice and inclusionary zoning as well as those who celebrate the diversity of race, religions and cultures in order to build communities that are accepting and representative of the differences among its citizens. Increased involvement by a wider representation of citizens in governmental activities will also be a hallmark of these inclusive communities.

Members of the Partnership will raise awareness and focus attention on the importance and value of inclusive communities; motivate other cities and towns to make a public commitment to building inclusive communities; provide support to local officials in focused efforts around affordable housing, race and ethnic relations, and equal citizen participation in community decision-making; share valuable insights, experiences, and lessons learned among participating cities and towns; and recognize, publicize, and celebrate the work of cities and towns that have joined the Partnership.