A statement from Mayor David Ham regarding the Leslie Street shooting on April 12.

“Last evening, our city again suffered the loss of a young person and injury to five other teens as a result of senseless gun violence. Our police were on the scene within two minutes of the shots being fired. Chief West and his officers are working hard to investigate and apprehend those responsible. They were and are being assisted by Sheriff Pierce and members of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department in this effort.

While my heart is with the victims’ families, our thoughts and prayers alone will not eradicate the problem of unlawful ownership and use of firearms. So many dedicated community leaders are discussing solutions, but it will take our entire community to address this issue. We need parents, nonprofits, churches, school leaders, community leaders, etc. working with us to develop creative solutions to inspire positive change in our neighborhoods. I don’t have the answers today, but I am looking to meet with some action-minded people who are ready to come to the table with some ideas. It is my hope that we can work together to bring about this change.”