In 2005, the City of Goldsboro entered into its first Partners in Education Program Agreement with the Wayne County Public Schools, and partnered with the Carver Heights Elementary School.

This collaborative effort between the City of Goldsboro and Carver Heights Elementary School is very important to the success of the school and ensures that partnership activities are meaningful and mutually beneficial.

The City of Goldsboro has representatives from various departments who serve as tutors at Carver Heights Elementary School, who work one-on-one with the students primarily in grade 4, one day, one hour per week.

At Christmas the City of Goldsboro participates in a Holiday Party for students of the school, by singing Christmas carols and giving out treats to the children after a visit from Santa Claus and Rudolph. Approximately 500 children are served at this event. In addition, prior to End of Grade testing, City of Goldsboro employees have participated in a Pep Rally for the students, which featured employees as cheerleaders, and remarks made by the Mayor of Goldsboro.

Statistics given by the Principal of the school have shown that with the assistance of the tutors, remarkable growth was made with the End of Grade test scores.