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The Goldsboro Partners Against Crime is a new initiative which consist of a committee of dedicated local citizens who in partnership with the Goldsboro Police Department and Court System are interested in using focused deterrence and community partnerships to reduce crime.

gpac_lgGoldsboro Partners Against Crime (GPAC) targets crime and builds community resources and strong public bonds as the key factor in helping individuals to disassociate from criminal misconduct. The GPAC allows for a select group of offenders to receive a “second chance” with assistance from their family and the community. We assist by confronting offenders who are involved in crime, offering offenders help in turning their lives in a positive direction and supporting the prosecution process if the offenders re-offend and return to crimpsne and violence.

This initiative is not a strategy to forgive offenders for violent crime committed in the past. It is a promise to vigorously prosecute repeat offenders who continue to engage in criminal activity. This plan creates clear, predictable sanctions against those who commit violent crime, offers a range of services to help offenders, and focused family and community standards against violent crime and on known violent offenders. It is an offer by the community to assist those who engage in

criminal activity to change their lifestyles by delivering resources available in Goldsboro.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for residents of the City of Goldsboro by employing a comprehensive, collaborative, data driven, strategic approach to ending identified criminal activity and violence