The City of Goldsboro and LOWE’S have joined together through a cooperative agreement to provide low and moderate-income homeowners as well as senior citizens with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and/or batteries. The purpose of the program is to provide an additional component to the outstanding Fire Prevention Month activities. The program will last as long as the items are available.

LOWE’S has donated (75) smoke detectors, (33) fire extinguishers and (99) nine-volt batteries for distribution. The goal of the program is to assist all homeowners that fall below the medium income for Goldsboro under the Federal and State HUD Guidelines (within the city limits) with a smoke detector, batteries, or a fire extinguisher, and provide training to maintain them.

The Goldsboro Fire Department, Community Affairs, Community Development and the Inspections Department’s have worked together to develop this strategic plan to help assist its citizenry. The Community Affairs Department will take the lead roll by establishing an application that includes a waiver releasing the City of liabilities.

Once an application is completed in the Community Affairs Office, the Community Development Office will verify the income for eligibility. The Fire Inspector in the Inspections Department will be notified to make contact with the homeowner to determine if a detector or fire extinguisher is necessary and the location of its placement. After a determination is made, the Fire Department will contact the owner for a date and time of installation and training.