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Goldsboro GIS Zoning Map


The data represented on this map has been compiled by the best methods available. Accuracy is contingent upon the source information as compiled by various agencies and departments both internal and external to the City of Goldsboro, NC. Users of the data represented on this map are hereby notified that the primary information sources should be consulted for verification of the information contained herein. The City Of Goldsboro and the companies contracted to develop these data assume no legal responsibilities for the information or accuracy contained on this map. It is strictly forbidden to sell or reproduce these maps or data for any reason without the written consent of the City of Goldsboro.

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Goldsboro MPO
Zoning Code
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Tax Office
Calendar for Zone Changes
Landscape Ordinance
Table of Permitted Uses
Sign Ordinance
List of Regular Meetings
Comprehensive Plan

Process Charts

Change of Zones
Conditional Use Permits
Site Plans
Certificates of Appropriateness-Historic District
Board of Adjustment–Variance Requests
Street Closings