Employee Performance Awards

Congratulations to our employee of the quarter, Officer Luke Miller (GPD), and our supervisor of the quarter, Josh Shockley (Parks and Rec). Miller and Shockley have also been selected as our employee and supervisor of the year. 
Officer Luke Miller put his training to use on June 6, 2023. He was flagged down by a mother whose 13-year-old daughter was having an anaphylactic reaction due to food allergies. The 13-year-old was not breathing on her own, giving the universal sign for choking or not being able to breathe by putting her hands around her neck. The mother had an EpiPen but did not know how to utilize it. Officer Miller took the EpiPen, correctly utilized it, providing the child with some relief from her allergic reaction.
Officer Miller called for EMS and kept an eye on the daughter. He also took the time to educate the mother on how to properly utilize the remaining EpiPen, in the event it would be needed in the future. EMS took several minutes to arrive on scene, and had Officer Miller not properly utilized the EpiPen, the outcome for the 13-year-old could have been worse.
As the Event Center Manager, Josh Shockley has exhibited professionalism, integrity, and customer-focus as we continue to work through and out of the pandemic. He continues to go above and beyond to serve the citizens of Goldsboro and many other guests that visit the Goldsboro Golf Course and Event Center.
Josh continues daily, weekly, and monthly to put in place protocols for the Event Center to run as smoothly as possible. He and his staff work together to take care of their patrons daily. The citizens and guests of Goldsboro are continuously relaying compliments regarding the service and professionalism they receive during their functions at the Event Center. The number of referrals and compliments continue to be a great asset to the success of the Event Center.
Josh has only been the Event Center Manager for a year, yet has accomplished a 67% increase in events over any year that the City of Goldsboro has owned the Event Center. For the month of January 2023, Josh brought in revenue in excess of $21,000 for the month; this is 72.5% more than any other month in the history of the City owning and operating the Event Center.