Employee Performance Awards

Congratulations to our employee of the quarter, Tara Johnson (Public Works), and our supervisor of the quarter, Rick Davis (Public Utilities)!

Tara is always available to help everyone, from City of Goldsboro employees, no matter their job title, to the residents she talks to on a daily basis. Tara is very well-versed in all divisions of Public Works and answers all types of questions on a variety of topics. She is consistent every day, no matter the stress we are all under, and is an absolute asset to the City.
Tara has been with Public Works for over 10 years. She has always been the front-line person to speak to all customers, in person or on the phone; she is the main contact for all Public Works phone calls. Tara is well known by most vendors for Public Works and is always available to answer their wide variety of questions. She handles everyone in a friendly and tactful manner.
Tara goes above and beyond her expected job duties. She is the coordinator for all Public Works activities, including retirement parties, our annual Christmas party, and other fundraiser events. Tara always coordinates with other City employees that need to use the break room for City events, such as blood drives or classes for staff. While completing her work duties, she also attends online school (ECU) to complete her degree in business management and is a great mom and spouse too!

Rick Davis responded to a cross-contamination issue with a caustic soda chemical delivery at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) on Feb 6, 2023. Due to his quick thinking, he was able to save the City money, time, and frustration.
When the regular shipment of Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) was being pumped into the bulk tank, the hose became clogged. Rick inspected the problem and directed his staff to disassemble all the piping to the bulk tank and to flush out the system and bulk tank. Everything left in the chemical tank was sent to the WTP mud basins to isolate it from the rest of the plant and avoid any contaminants from reaching the drinking water. The first flush produced evidence of tank contamination, so staff continued to flush the bulk tank until all contaminants had been removed.
Due to Rick’s swift response and supervision, there was a limited estimated loss of $200 of diluted caustic soda and approximately 5,000 gallons of water to flush the system. If this contaminated chemical would have been introduced into the distribution system, a significant amount of damage to the system, as well as a monetary loss, could have occurred.
Rick’s professionalism, integrity and customer focus helped stop a bad situation from becoming worse.