Employee Performance Awards

Congratulations to our employee of the quarter, Allie Price (Parks and Recreation), and our supervisor of the quarter, Jonathan Perry (Engineering).
Allie has exhibited professionalism, integrity, and customer focus as we continue to work through the COVID pandemic. She works as a Senior Park Technician assigned to Center Street and leads by example in the fulfillment of her duties.
Allie just about single-handedly accomplished getting the flowers planted along Center Street this spring. She usually works with another full-time employee in addition to a temporary employee. However, the other full-time employee retired, and the plantings could not be delayed. The planting commenced with Allie getting assistance from other employees and directing them on where everything needed to be planted.
During this time, Allie kept a positive attitude, putting her love for her work on display. Once the planting was completed, she also assisted with making sure the irrigation on Center Street worked correctly and adjusted the sprinkler heads as needed.
Jonathan was promoted to the Project Manager position in Engineering this past year. Since that time, he has embraced his new responsibilities and has been an incredible asset to the City through his professional ethics and commitment. Over the last quarter, Jonathan has experienced tremendous “wins” through his dedication and extra effort on specific tasks.
Jonathan assisted in resolving a water line break with Public Works. He put in extra effort and assistance in notifying the public and working with Public Works on a resolution.
Jonathan also has taken on the role of applying for project grant money. Through his direct efforts, the City has recently received two grants in excess of $6 million for design and critical infrastructure needs. He is trying to build on this success by applying for infrastructure projects in excess of $8.5 million. Since we are now applying for projects in-house, this is allowing us to commit more money directly to the project and infrastructure that goes in the ground for the benefit of our community rather than letting a portion of that money go toward consulting firms.