Leaf and Limb Collection Update

The City’s Solid Waste Division continues to experience significant delays (up to four weeks) with leaf and limb collection throughout the city. Solid Waste is experiencing the same personnel, equipment, and parts supply chain issues as other businesses and municipalities nationwide. The leaf and limb division has five total leaf machines, and three have been down for extensive repairs and/or are waiting on parts. With less than half the equipment operational, it is taking considerably longer to collect and dispose of the leaves. A new leaf machine was ordered in July 2022 to replace a 1999 model, but delivery was delayed until March 2023 due to a lack of available chassis. We are in the process of requesting a second leaf machine in January to replace a 2006 model. As soon as additional equipment is repaired and operational, it will be put into service. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work through these challenges.