$7,000,000 Infrastructure Bond Referendum

Project Description

The City of Goldsboro has 163 miles of paved and 9 miles of unpaved city streets. The work to maintain, repair and improve our streets ranges from patching, crack sealing, drainage improvements, resurfacing, and construction. Funding the city receives from the state is not enough to meet the need. Therefore, local funding is regularly allocated in the budget process to maintain and resurface city streets.

Infrastructure bond proceeds would allow the city to increase resurfacing funding from $500,000 per year to over $2,500,000 per year for each of the next three years. The list and map below show the first phase of bond resurfacing, which was approved by the City Council on September 26, 2016. The remainder of our paved streets will be evaluated and a Pavement Condition Rating (PCR) developed such that recommendations for future resurfacing can be based on current pavement conditions and traffic loads.

Infrastructure bond proceeds would also allow the city to pave some unpaved streets maintained by the city. The existing unpaved streets are being evaluated and will be prioritized based on the number of property owners, traffic, and access issues to determine high priority, medium priority, or low priority for paving.

Street From / To District
N Carolina St Ash St to Grantham St 1
S Claiborne St Pine St to Elm St 2
N Hillcrest Dr Dawn Cir to Pine Needles Rd 2
Hilldale Ln Overbrook Rd to Hillcrest Dr 2
N John St Ash St to Oak St 3
S Slocumb St Walnut St to Spruce St 3
S Slocumb St Elm St to Olivia Ln 3
S Best St Elm St to Mimosa St 4
S Best St Juniper St to Harris St 4
Wayne Av Hopkins St to Sycamore St 4
E Holly St Jefferson Av to Madison Av 5
Beech St Jackson St to Jefferson Av 5
Cedar Rd N Berkeley Blvd to Violeta St 6
Hunters Creek Rd Wintergreen Pl to Woods Mill Rd 6
Street Bond Map
Streetbond Map